The Centre hosts a variety of programming that takes a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to learning that supports engagement and learning from various perspectives, through class visits, panel discussions, dialogues and community outreach.

The Centre produces and facilitates educational and public programs that encourage participants to enter into discussions with an informed and compassionate view of the world. These programs foster dialogue and raise awareness of the ongoing histories of Residential Schools and other forms of colonial violence in Canada and the ways in which these processes affect Indigenous communities today.  

The Centre continues to build and strengthen community-based relationships, and programs are based both on and off site. Through dialogue events the Centre has expanded educational programming outward into the Lower Mainland and beyond. When working with community, the Centre provides access to technology, resources and partnerships in order to build programming that is responsive to community needs.

Upcoming events and workshops

Interdisciplinary programming at the Centre supports undergraduate and post-secondary learning, pedagogy and research at UBC. With programs based on- and off-campus, the Centre is responsive to community needs. Partnerships with Indigenous organizations, communities and Nations ensure that programming is multi-faceted and Indigenous-informed.

Check the events section for upcoming programs, workshops and activities

Guided experiences at the Centre

The Centre is available for class visits and other gatherings. Guided experiences are catered to the needs of each group, with resources and materials provided according to the objectives of the visit (K-12, post-secondary, community groups and beyond). Educators are asked to inquire ahead of time in order to secure the Centre for a guided visit. 

If you are interested in booking a guided experience, please take the time to plan your visit