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Loyie Brissenden Collection

Award-winning Cree author Larry Loyie was determined to inform the world about Indigenous history, culture, and traditions through his writing. His plays, children’s books, and national history, Residential Schools, With the Words and Images of Survivors, confirmed his important legacy of “books by us, and about us.” The IRSHDC is currently processing the Larry Loyie and Constance Brissenden archive.

Our stories, our strength

The Legacy of Hope Foundation traveled across Canada recording the stories of residential school Survivors, between 2004 and 2008. A selection of Survivor stories from this collection have been made available to view and to listen to through a partnership with the Legacy of Hope Foundation. 

Schools Timeline

Histories of residential schools in Canada occupy a timeline that represents just a portion of the history of colonialism in Canada. The residential school era shaped Canada, and the relationship between Indigenous peoples and Canada, for generations. While these histories are not necessarily linear and these dates occupy a much broader understanding of colonial histories it is important to see the trajectory of how Canada grew as a nation and relied on colonial control through residential schools.

Reports and legislation collection

Explore the history and legacy of residential schools through this collection of legislation and reports through an interactive timeline.