Youth Podcasting Project opportunity for self-identifying Indigenous Youth

Photo by Soundtrap on Unsplash

The Residential School History and Dialogue Centre at UBC is looking for three self-identified Indigenous youth (ages 18-30) to participate in a new podcast pilot series. The podcast will bring together youth and Elders for intergenerational dialogue about the legacies of residential schools and the ongoing impacts of colonialism in Canada. 

Youth participants will receive training and support to work collaboratively to write and record the series, with support from RSHDC staff, an Indigenous Elder, and an emotional and cultural support worker. Cited Media, a podcast production company and project partner, will be providing training.

“We hope that this opportunity will be a creative new avenue for young people to talk about issues important to their own lives, learn media production skills and meet inspirational supportive adults and elders. Thank you to all applicants.”

Jess Boon, RSHDC Project Lead

Youth should be interested in sharing issues affecting their own lives, and be willing to work collaboratively with other youth to identify guests to interview for the series. Youth interested in media studies, storytelling, art, Indigenous activism and journalism, or podcasting are welcome to apply. 

All levels of experience are welcome, and all participants will receive training and mentorship. The project will take place over eight months from April to December 2021, with a time commitment of approximately 5 hours per week. All participants will receive an honorarium of $22 per hour. 

Questions about the podcasting process? View the “Introduction to Podcasting” information sheet from Cited Media.

For eligibility criteria and specifics on how to apply, see the posting. Apply by April 2, 2021.

For questions about the series or for additional information, contact Jess Boon, Project Lead, at

The posting has now closed.